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Zhe Yun Wong
Gender Male
Born 1903
Died September 24, 1951 (Aged 47/48)
Faction(s) Empire Bay Triads
Title(s) Enforcer
Portrayed by James Sie
"I had no choice. Your friend was a government informer."
Zhe Yun Wong

Zhe Yun Wong (1903-1951) was an Enforcer for the Empire Bay Triads in Mafia II.

Background HistoryEdit

Born in 1903, a young Yun Zhe Wong came to America in slave labor on a ship carrying opium. He fled the dock at Cape Peak and headed east, to Empire Bay. Broke and knowing no English, he was forced to work for the Triads. He rose through the ranks slowly, and came to protect smokers from opium. Finally, he established his own smuggling operations. It is said that he once killed his cousin for a shipment of heroin, a fact which demonstrated his loyalty and earned him the position which he holds.


Mafia II - Digital Deluxe Artbook-114

Zhe Yun Wong is the man who gives Henry Tomasino, Vito Scaletta and Joe Barbaro the ten kilos of Heroin for the big drug transaction near the end of the game in the mission Sea Gift. The deal does not go according to plan, however, and Henry calls Vito to meet him at Lincoln Park. But when Vito and Joe arrive, they find the Empire Bay Triads butchering Henry with meat cleavers in the middle of the park in broad daylight, with Wong overseeing the murder himself. After Henry's death, Wong and his remaining men drive off, and after seeing Wong in the car and believing he ordered the death of Henry, an enraged Vito and Joe decide to follow him. He is very well guarded, with about 22-29 guards protecting him.


Vito and Joe follow him to The Red Dragon Restaurant, a Chinese restaurant that Wong uses as a base of operations and a secret drug factory. They kill many Triad members until they finally reach Wong in his backroom office. He is then interrogated by Vito and Joe, explaining that he found out from his source that Henry was a federal informant. Joe does not believe this and shoots him in his left temple, killing him. Vito disapproves of Joe killing him, believing they could have interrogated Wong further to get more information. His death leads the Empire Bay Triads to blame the Mafia families sparking a war.


  • Judging by the photograph above, it appears that Wong has a wife, or, at least, a girlfriend.
  • In the very first trailer of Mafia II, Wong and an unnamed Triad member are killed by Joe Barbaro as he enters The Red Dragon Restaurant.

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