Your Ma! is a mission in The Betrayal of Jimmy.

This mission is given by Tam Brodie. BJ Icon B
"Jimmy, it's Tam. Things are bad, Jimmy. First, I'm fucking shitfaced. Second, I'm getting some real trouble now from the Chinese. They threatened me Ma, Jimmy. Me fucking Ma! I want you to send them a message. Those eejits like fireworks right? Well, we'll give them fireworks. I got you a car full of explosives. Use it to blow something up in the centre of Chinatown. That'll make them choke on their beancurd, now won't it?"


To start, you need to pick up the ISW 508 packed with Tam's "fireworks" from an alleyway in Little Italy. Be extremely careful, as it doesn't take much of an impact to blow you and your unstable cargo sky high.

Drive the car back into Chinatown until you reach your destination in front of The Red Dragon, where a Lassiter Series 75 Hollywood is parked outside filled with Triads. Stop next to that and get out.

Now is a brilliant time to run for your life, as after exiting the vehicle a 10 second detonation countdown will start.

Once the car explodes you can either stay and kill the remaining hostile Triads or make a run for the safe zone, which is located at the west end of the one-way street you just came from, next to the train station.