Yacht Club is a location in Empire Bay.


It is located along the Culver River just upstream from the Culver Dam. The location is added by Joe's Adventures and is only fully accessible in the mission Witness - Frozen Memories.


Richie Mazzeo, a former Clemente soldier turned snitch, was kept here in witness protection by the EBPD to testify against the Clemente organization. In Witness, Joe Barbaro followed the EBPD detectives here and killed Mazzeo, allegedly by shoving him and his car into the frozen river.


  • Though called a Yacht Club, the size of the Culver River is inadequate to support all but the smallest of sailboats.
  • The player can go partially through the woods after completing the mission, but the boatyard itself cannot be accessed.


  • Yacht Club entrance
  • Yacht Club front gate
  • Yacht Club docks
  • Yacht Club storage building