The Wright is a vehicle in Mafia.


The Wright is a model that appears as one of the newest cars in Mafia's standard library of cars, featuring a sturdier and more sophisticated design than the Schubert Extra Six, Crusader Chromium and Guardian Terraplane. The car is distinguishable by several unique design cues, including a new wheel design, covered spare tires (fender-mounted for the four-door, and rear-mounted for the coupe) with colors to match that of as the car body, and a wider engine compartment. The car is available in any one of three body colors: Red, green, or blue.

An alternate variant of the Wright Coupe, known as the Wright Coupe Gangster, is a uniquely black Wright Coupe driven by gangsters in Free Ride mode.

The Wright is likely to be based on a 1936-1938 Buick Special.


As indicated by the Carcyclopedia, the performance stats of the Wright is identical for the four-door and coupe variants:

  • Weight: 1,600 kg
  • Power: 141 HP (104 kW)
  • Maximum speed: 95 mph (155 km/h)
  • Engine: Eight cylinder
  • Swept volume: 5247 ccm
  • Gear box: Three speed

With a more powerful inline 8 engine under the hood than the Schubert Extra Six, Crusader Chromium and Guardian Terraplane, the Wright is considered one the fastest regular cars in the game, with reasonably responsive brakes and sufficient grip that provide stability when slowing down or turning. The raw power of the car comes at a price; as the car features rear wheel drive, spinouts may still occur when cornering at high speeds.

The Wright Coupe Gangster is modified to go above 200 mph, but reverts to the Wright's original top speed when driven by the player.


Although the car is based on a 1936-1938 model, a Wright Fordor is is first featured during the first part of You Lucky Bastard (set in 1935), when it is driven by Morello goons pursuing Tommy Angelo and Paulie following a botched assassination attempt on Sergio Morello Jr. Wright Coupes are also spotted during the countryside pursuit in Crème De La Crème, as well as at Roy's Grill during the Lucas Bertone side-mission of Crème De La Crème.

Wrights only begin to appear in traffic proper in the 1938 arc of Mafia's storyline, during Election Campaign, when Ralph tutors the player on how to steal a Wright Coupe. Afterwards, the car continues to appear on the road for the remainder of the storyline.


  • Fordor front
  • Fordor rear
  • Coupe front
  • Coupe rear

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