William DeMeo is a voice actor in Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven.

For over a decade now, William DeMeo has been an entertainment industry professional. William has extensive experience not only as a producer and writer, but also as an accomplished actor.

His first producing accomplishment was the independent feature film One Deadly Road which he wrote, produced and played a leading role in. The film was distributed overseas, aired on pay-per-view television and was distributed nationally onto Home Video.

William went on to write, produce, Co-direct and play a leading role in the feature film Wannabes for which he won the Best Actor Award for his performance at the New York Independent International Film Festival. William’s next film, Searching for Bobby D which he produced, Co-wrote the screenplay with his Director Paul Borghese. This comedic adventure independent film went on to win numerous Audience Favorite and Best Comedy Feature Awards at film festivals internationally and was picked up for DVD distribution by Monarch Entertainment after many theatrical screenings; one to a sold out crowd of over 600 audience members.

In addition he appeared in other feature films and television shows and mini-series. He portrayed a young Carlo Gambino in Boss of Bosses and the character Al Pacino in Analyze That. He was featured in Hackers, played a role in the award winning short I Am Woody and appeared numerous times in the last three seasons of The Sopranos as one of Paulie Walnuts' crew members, Jason Molinaro.

Recently he played a supporting role in the independent film For Whom The Drum Beats, very well known actor Frank Vincent’s son in the feature film American Woman, a pick up artist in the television Reality Show pilot of Geek to Guido and a regular mob crew prankster member in the television Reality Show pilot You Got Whacked; Gangsters and Pranksters.

William will play the leading role and rather complicated character of Jackie Matero in the soon to be produced feature film boxing drama Southpaw. Acclaimed filmmaker Paul Borghese will once again be in his corner as director. William is also the co-screenwriter and lead actor in Goat with Armand Assante and Ice T and directed by Paul Borghese. This film is due to come out next winter.