Who We Shootin'? is a conversation mission in Mafia III.


Lincoln and Donovan discuss how Father James is taking the bloody path of mayhem and revenge Lincoln has embarked upon. Lincoln explains that he's not happy about it, and that the Father thinks Donovan is most likely the devil.

Donovan has looked into the Father's military service record, explaining that even though he was a medic he saw action at Climbach with the 614th, taking out two Kraut tanks along with the 16 men he shot. Donovan says that's a lot of killing for a would-be priest.

Who We Shootin'?

Lincoln and Donovan discuss Father James

Lincoln says that was different because it was during a war, and Donovan replies that this is no different. We won that war not by worrying about hurting someone's feelings, but by bombing the Krauts and Nips back to the Stone Age, and the padre would be wise to remember that.