Wheels of Evidence is a mission in Joe's Adventures.

This mission is given by Mike Bruski. JA Icon B
"Some little shitbag that bought a Kingfisher from me, fucked up good. The asshole used the car in a fuckin' job, and then runs when the goddamn cops show up. Joe, the cops got that car in holding right now. They start looking around, and it's gonna make a lot of people we know nervous. You find that car and make it disappear, or it'll be both our asses!"


From the mission start follow your GPS to the police impound lot, right next to the body shop in Uptown, where you'll find the rose colored Berkley Kingfisher parked.

The simplest way to do this is to park your car outside the gate and just walk in and take the car. The two police officers guarding the lot shouldn't suspect anything until you break the car's window, so you shouldn't get shot up too badly driving away. Just wait until they've walked to the far end of the lot before breaking the window and you'll be fine. However, if you prefer the guns blazing method, by all means do so because you're getting a four-star wanted level either way.

Drive the car to Bruski's Scrapyard and park it under the rotating 'P' icon in front of the garage to end the mission. Keep in mind you can still do this even if the police are chasing you.