What's the Use of Getting Sober is a song in Mafia II.

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Boy, you listen to your old Pappy
Yeah, Pappy
And stop drinking so much
I'm-I'm ain't been doing so much drinking, Pappy
Shut up, boy! You drink all day and you drink all night and son you know that that ain't right
Oh Pappy, you just give me a chance. I, I can, I . . .
Shut up, boy! Boy, you're lookin' thin as a twig
I know that . . . Look likes your dear old Pappy - about to blow your wig
Oh I'm gonna blow my wig, Pappy

What's the use of getting sober
When you're gonna get drunk again
Oh Sam done something fine
When he brought that good whiskey, beer and wine
I love my whiskey and I love my gin
Every time you see me I'm in my sin
What's the use of getting sober
When you're gonna get drunk again

I went out last night about half past one
Thought I'd whoop it up a little and have a little fun
I got me a half pint about half past two
Mmm, mmm, the way I was feeling you know what I wanna do
I Got me a pint about half past four
Felt so good, went out and got me some more
I Got me a quart about half past five
Boy, that was so nice I didn't know if I was dead or alive

So what's the use of getting sober when you're gonna get drunk again
I've been thinking
But I keep drinking
I guess I'm 'bout lose my mind

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