West Side Mall is a location in Empire Bay.


It is a large shopping complex located in West Side in central Empire Bay, to the north of Lincoln Park. It is seen in Murphy's Law where Vito and Joe rob a jewelry store located there.


In Murphy's Law a shootout occurred the 11th of February 1945 during a heist at Carat Cerny by Vito and Joe when Brian O'Neill and the O'Neill Gang show up to rob the same store. The Irish gang gained entry by ramming a van through the store windows, attracting the attention of the police. During the gunfight, many members of the gang were killed and the remainder arrested by the police, but Vito and Joe managed to get away.


  • The name Market Arcade is based on the Czech mall in Prague "Arkády Pankrác". Arkády is the Czech form of Arcade.
  • It has a subway entrance at the door.