Wells Park Middle School is a story mission in Sign of the Times.


A horrible fire took the lives of schoolchildren at this Place of Darkness venerated by the cult.


Wells Park Middle School (Mission) 2

The Blessed shrine

After finding the yearbook clue on the altar at Nuit Blanche, Lincoln pays a visit to Wells Park Middle School. As he enters, he notices the same smoke he encountered before. As he walks through the school, he begins to hear screams and see fire. When he approaches the gymnasium, the screams become louder and he can see the door being jostled from the other side. Behind him, fire has blocked his path. He yells for them to back away from the door as he kicks it in.

Suddenly the screams and fire are gone. Lincoln realizes the drug within the smoke is messing with his head. He sees a shrine in the center of the room with candlelight all around and investigates. In the shrine's belly he finds a goblet with the same symbol as the tattoo on Anna's back and takes a photograph. He concludes that it must be the symbol for The Blessed. Placing the goblet back, he makes his way out of the school through the nearby window.


Wells Park Middle School (Mission) 3

Photographing the goblet

Go to the school.

Enter school.

  • Head to the south side of the building and use the ladder to climb to the roof, then drop through the opening.

Find cult activity.

  • Go through the next room and then down the hallway to the gymnasium.

Investigate shrine.

  • In the center of the gym is a shrine; approach it and activate the prompt to take a photo, then approach it again to investigate the goblet inside its stomach. There is also a jewelry box on a table behind the shrine.

Leave school.

  • Go up the bleachers and climb out the window to end the mission.


† If this is the third Place of Darkness you investigated, it will grant the Haunted Places achievement and open up All for the Blessed.


  • A note can be found on the bleachers inside the gym. It reads: "All for the Blessed! Protector and carrier of Pere Sanglant's holy light. With the Blessed's arrival begins our ascension."


  • Note found in the gym