Wells Park Middle School is a location in Mafia III.


Wells Park Middle School was established around 1915 in Barclay Mills, where it apparently held many black students. Around the turn of the decade (After 1958), an arsonist caused a fire at the school, possibly as a hate crime because of the black student population, though actual motives remain unsaid. The fire caused many black students to die, and soon after, the building was condemned.

Some time later, The Ensanglante moved in, enshrining the location as one of their Places of Darkness for its tragic fire. The cult would mark the area with its symbol for the Blessed, and would place a statue dedicated to her in the gymnasium.


Notable Items

Some items may only be available while a specific mission or objective is active.


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  • 1958 yearbook
  • Former Best Oil service station
  • Note found in school