Voice Actors in Mafia II are listed below along with the characters they played.

Named Characters

Frank Ashmore

Joe Barrett

Brian Bloom

Steve Blum

Joey Camen

John Capodice

Joe Cappelletti

  • Stan
  • Record Store Owner
  • Gangster

Lenny Citrano

Malachy Cleary

Joan Copeland

Robert Costanzo

Jim Cummings

John Cygan

Jeannie Elias

James Elliott

Dave Fennoy

Joe Hanna

Bob Hastings

Ray Iannicelli

Phil Idrissi

Dale Inghram

Michael Ingram

Jason J. Lewis

Larry Kenney

Michael S. King

Bill Lobley

John Mariano

Sonny Marinelli

Kerin McCue

Mark Mintz

Nolan North

Liam O'Brien

Rick Pasqualone

David Anthony Pizzuto

Roger Rose

Joe Sabatino

James Sie

André Sogliuzzo

Jason Spisak

Jerry Sroka

Carol Ann Susi

Jim Thornton

Tom Virtue

Jason Zumwalt

† As 2k Czech failed to properly credit voice actors in Mafia II, we are not certain this actor voiced the part listed.

Unnamed Characters

  • Chris Jai Alex - Gangsters/Bomber
  • Curtis Armstrong - Civilians
  • Troy Baker - Civilians
  • Kirk Baltz - Additional voices
  • Susanne Blakeslee - Civilians
  • Tom Ciappa - Civilians
  • Vince Corazza - Additional voices
  • Kevin Chapman - Additional voices
  • Jon Curry - Additional voices
  • Brandon Ellison - Sal/Greasers
  • Keith Ferguson - Additional voices
  • Crispin Freeman - Additional voices
  • Donald Gibb - Angry Prisoner
  • André Gordon - Bomber
  • Anna Graves - Civilians
  • Kristina Haddad - Civilians
  • Laura Harley - Street walker
  • Milton James - Additional voices
  • Kevin P. Kearns - Gangsters
  • Philip Larocca - Additional voices
  • Valiant Michael - Italian gangster
  • Eris Migliorini - Civilians
  • Timothy V. Murphy - Additional voices
  • Joe Nipote - Civilians
  • Paul Parducci - Gangsters
  • Cristina Pucelli - Civilians
  • Dee Dee Rescher - Civilians
  • Andrew Rosenberg - Gangster
  • Nicolas Roye - Pietro DiMarco (Cut)
  • Jonathan Roumie - Civilian/Gangster/Greaser
  • Dwight Schultz - Additional voices
  • Allan Steele - Gangsters
  • Jen Sung - Civilians
  • Titus Welliver - Civilians
  • Steve Wilcox - Additional voices
  • Cedric Yarbrough - Additional voices
  • Victor Yerrid - Gangsters

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