Voice Actors in Mafia:The City of Lost Heaven are listed below along with the characters they played.

Named Characters

Bill Buell

Cara Buono

Ray DeMattis

William DeMeo

George DiCenzo

John Doman

Dan Grimaldi

Laura Maxwell

Jeff Gurner

David O'Brian

Paul Scannapieco

Renaud Sebbane

Matt Servitto

Michael Sorvino

John Tormey

Unnamed Characters

  • Chris Phillips - (voice)
  • Mark Gomez - (voice)
  • Laura Paterson - (voice)
  • Jennymarie Jemison - (voice)
  • Gillian Telling - (voice)
  • Adam Tedman - (voice)
  • Steve Knezevich - (voice)
  • Pricilla DiStacio - (voice)
  • Joe Green - (voice)
  • Juan Guitierrez - (voice)
  • Steve Roberts - (voice)
  • Mo Tayyarrah - (voice)
  • Ignazio Alvarez - (voice)
  • Adam Davidson - (voice)
  • John Zurhellen - (voice)
  • Gene Hilgreen - (voice)

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