Vision Distortion Race Car is a mission in Free Ride Extreme. The starting point of this mission is located in Hoboken, in a small parking lot, just east of the Twister theater. The objective is to drive a race car through Hoboken and Down Town to the police station on Central Island. The hard part of this mission is that as soon as you start driving, the vision will become distorted. The faster you go, the more distant your car will be and you'll be able to see less and less of the things happening right in front of you. What makes it even more tricky is that driving slowly is also not an option, since there is a timer involved. Therefore, it demands very skillful driving to complete this subquest. If you do succeed in getting the race car to the police station, you'll receive the bonus car (Crazy Horse) that is parked there. The Brubaker you used in this mission will also be unlocked.