Villa del Mar is a location in the Mafia III DLC Stones Unturned.


Villa del Mar is a Cuban restaurant and bar located in the French Ward. In 1968, a massacre took place while the restaurant was hosting a birthday party, killing dozens of party guest. The killings were perpetrated by Connor Aldridge and his men, who were there to interrogate Horatio Balmana for information on the location of Pedro Pan, a C.I.A. Safehouse located in New Bordeaux. Chuckie, the lone survivor of the massacre, later informed John Donovan and Lincoln about what had happened.


Notable Items

Some items may only be available while a specific mission or objective is active.

  • Three notes, one sitting on the bar, one on a table in the middle, and a third on a booth in the far corner.


  • Traditional Cuban music can be heard playing on the radio inside the Villa.
  • Villa del Mar is Spanish for Villa of the Sea.


  • As seen in Creature of Habit
  • Villa del Mar concept art
  • Love note from Cheche
  • Birthday card signed by Rosa
  • Menu of Villa del Mar's daily specials
  • Location as it appeared before Stones Unturned