Villa Scaletta is a location in Empire Bay.


It is Vito's home starting in Chapter 10. It is located in Greenfield on the bank of the Culver River, just across the street from Greenfield Park. It features a hallway with an open plan kitchen and living space, an adjacent bathroom, and an adjacent bedroom with an en-suite bathroom.

Items you can interact with include the refrigerator, lights, sinks, shower, windows, toilets, wardrobe, telephone and a radio. Outside of the house there is a garage, a swimming pool and behind the house there is a lovely view across the river of Empire Bay.

The house gets destroyed in Chapter 11 when the O'Neill Gang sets fire to it in revenge for the death of Brian O'Neill. At that point, Vito loses all his clothing, weapons, and money.


  • When the Villa burns down all DLC clothing will still be available in the wardrobes of Marty and Joe's apartments.
  • In the Mafia II Demo, there is a Playboy magazine on the kitchen counter and the garage features three cars: a Smith Custom 200, a Smith Thunderbolt, and a Lassiter Series 69.
  • The house is usable by both Jimmy and Joe in the Mafia II DLCs.
  • While the house has a pool, it has no water in it and never does at any point of the game.
  • In the 1940s segment of the game, if you go to the villa, you won't be able to see the interior through the windows and the front door has a different design.
  • If visited after Chapter 12, only the house's frame is visible.