• Tommy Angelo 777

    Here it goes! The game would take place in Birkland (the city mentioned in Mafia II). The city would be a mix of Chicago, Vegas, New York, and a bit of New Jersey. Birkland would be separated in 4 districts: a Sub Burban District, an Urban/City District, a Casino District, and a Ghetto-like Island that contains an infamous beach known as the Birkland Shore (based off the Jersey Shore). You play as Alfonso “Aldo” Marchelli, the son of Rico Marchelli, Don of the Marchelli family, a family with lots of wealth and power. Rico wanted Aldo to avoid the life of organized crime and have a good childhood, something Rico never had. Aldo then narrorates how he appreciated what his father did for him. A series of photos start to appear of Aldo’s child…

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