When the Player Returns to the apartment they call the boss to tell them what happened, it ends in a big argument and the player slams the phone down on the hook and falls asleep, the next day the player wakes up to hear the phone ringing, the boss says he's sorry for being so hard last night, it's just that it was late and he was tired, he invites him to the bar for a drink.

Once the player gets dressed and gets a car they drive to the bar, but as they are pulling in they see the truck from yesterday all covered in scratches and dents, the player looks in through the bar window to see the boss sitting at a table with a bunch of the members, all holding guns in their hand, the player weakly raises the gun to the window and shoots a shot that grazes the boss on the shoulder, this causes a shower of gunfire to shatter bar windows in all directions, the player flees in the car and lies low in an alley for a few hours, they then drive back to the apartment to find it burned. The player locates a relative, they spend a few nights with them before joining a different family, this one is a much larger family. The player's first mission is a bank robbery, the thing goes flat and the player barely survives. Since the mission was a failure the boss is unsure of your abilities, it's an uncomfortable partnership for the next few years, but one day it's discovered that the boss who betrayed the player has been stealing money from the commission fund, and thus must be killed. The player graciously volunteers and sets out after him. After a long chase seen the player shoves the boss' car off the road he then goes down and rips the boss out of the car and proceeds to beat him mercilessly before shooting him in the face. The player walks back to car and returns to the family's front, where they become welcomed as a made man, at this point the player receives a mansion in the towns most exclusive neighborhood, as well as any car of their choice.

Will continue Later.

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