• Rock-Star-Child

    When the Player Returns to the apartment they call the boss to tell them what happened, it ends in a big argument and the player slams the phone down on the hook and falls asleep, the next day the player wakes up to hear the phone ringing, the boss says he's sorry for being so hard last night, it's just that it was late and he was tired, he invites him to the bar for a drink.

    Once the player gets dressed and gets a car they drive to the bar, but as they are pulling in they see the truck from yesterday all covered in scratches and dents, the player looks in through the bar window to see the boss sitting at a table with a bunch of the members, all holding guns in their hand, the player weakly raises the gun to the window and shoots a shot tha…

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  • Rock-Star-Child

    Mafia III Idea

    July 21, 2011 by Rock-Star-Child

    After looking at a few of the Sequel ideas I have decided to take my own attempt at one.

    It starts out in 1977 in a small town in Italy, the story of a boy who's family can't make any ends meet, so he breaks into stores in the town square and steals stuff to sell for money for his parents when he turns 18 a cop catches him breaking into a Hat shop, he is drug off to jail and released Ten years later, he returns to his home to find that it's his parents are dead and his house has been demolished to build Condominiums since the area is flourishing.

    Filled with grief he walks through the packed town square and goes into the harbor he sneaks aboard a cargo ship set sail for New Carson, Louisiana. The year is 2003.

    By 2004 he arrives in New Carson…

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