They released a new update to Mafia III this afternoon, here's what you'll find in version 1.060.0.

  • Added License Plate Customization for the player's vehicle fleet.
  • Added Gear Customization for the user to customize car performance for the players vehicle fleet.
  • General fixes and improvements.

Before you get your hopes up, the custom license plates is simply a selection of 20 different plates you can chose from, it's not completely changeable like we had in Mafia II.

The gear customization gives you the ability to change each vehicle gear ratio to either increase acceleration or top speed, with an option to set it back to standard. I suppose that might be useful in some of the races, I'll have to post an update after I've has time to try them out.

No clue what's included in the "General fixes and improvements", they always seem to keep that part a secret. Kind of makes it hard for us players to report back on whether it fixed specific bugs or created new ones.

Still no ability to save cars!! At this point they're either not going to give that to us or they're saving it for one of the DLCs so they can boost sales. You know, the old, "You want to save cars to your fleet, buy this DLC" kind of thing. Not surprising, Mafia II did the same thing by bundling the third vehicle performance upgrade into the Jimmy DLC.

UPDATE: I've been unable to confirm if this update had any actual bug fixes included. The "General fixes and improvements" came from a post on the official 2K forums, but it wasn't posted by anyone from 2K or Hangar 13. I'll update further if I learn more.

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