We're pleased to announce a new feature here at the Mafia Wiki, just in time for all the new Mafia III pages you'll be adding in the coming months. The long overdue arrival of preloaded page templates.

Our wiki has undergone massive changes over the past six months. We've standardized page, category and images names, redesigned infoboxes and templates, established policies and guidelines, cleaned up nearly every article and even turned on the forums. There is virtually nothing that hasn't undergone an overall in an effort to bring uniformity and have the wiki looking better than ever in time for the arrival of our favorite franchises new game.

Preloaded Templates Source

Source mode example

Preloaded Templates Visual

Visual mode example

Our latest addition is preloaded page templates. How they work couldn't be easier. When you first create your article take a look above the edit box on your new page and you will see links to all the page types listed there. Simply click the one you need and the infobox, section headers and image gallery will be automatically added, all you need to do is start typing.

Characters, Locations, Vehicles, Weapons, Soundtrack, Missions... you name it and we have a pre-made template already set up for you. We've even made a Page Creation Tool if you prefer using that, it couldn't be easier.

Like many new features, there may be some bugs, if you experience any problems or need help using them just contact me on my wall or on the forum post here and I'll gladly help you sort it out.

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