The entire first story mission from Mafia III, The Home Fires Burn, can now be downloaded free and played on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Progress from the demo transfers over to the full game, should you purchase it once the demo completes.

The Mafia III Demo releases along side Faster, Baby!, the first paid DLC for Mafia III. The DLC introduces a new narrative, vehicles, weapons, clothing, achievements/trophies and more to explore. Along with all that comes a new district, Sinclair Parish, where Lincoln will meet up with Charles and Roxy Laveau to take down the corrupt and powerful Sheriff Walter "Slim" Beaumont.

Alongside the DLC came an update that included fixes to many bugs, the new Proximity Mines and some new gameplay mechanics, like slow motion driving and the ability to throw grenades from moving vehicles.

If you haven't given Mafia III a try yet, go ahead and download the free demo. If you already have the game, it's time to dust it off and see what's new!

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