New Bordeaux Racing 6

For those of you who haven't noticed, Mafia III got a new update on the 20th which adds limited vehicle customization, a series of 12 car races and some new clothing options.

Vehicle customization is limited to the cars in the vehicle delivery menu, because Hangar 13 knows best what us players like to drive, so head on over to Big Rick's Custom Auto and slap a new supercharger and some racing stripes on that Berkley Executive. Be forewarned though, it's purely cosmetic, as are all items sold through Big Rick's. To actually get a performance boost of the supercharger you still need to unlock it through gameplay via the favor from Vito while taking over one of the last three districts of the game. You know, when you're nearly at the end, because there would be no point in giving us something cool and useful any earlier in the game.

No Custom GT For You

No Custom GT For You

New Bordeaux Racing adds a series of 12 optional races to the game, all with their own unique prizes and cash rewards. Placing first in each will unlock the all new Griffin Marauder to add to your fleet. So for those of you who've been waiting for the chance to speed through the streets of New Bordeaux at 120 mph, running over pedestrians and smashing into parked cars as you go, there's a constructive outlet for you.

There's also two new clothing options, plus an additional outfit and weapon if you sign up for/log into a My2K account, which will allow them to spy on your gameplay habits as you take over New Bordeaux.