Game World

Mafia II

  • April 10th: Vito is released from prison early due to his connections with Leo Galante. He, Joe and Eddie Scarpa head to the Cathouse leaving Joe and Eddie drunk. Before they all head home, they have to bury Frankie Potts who is dead in Eddie's trunk.
  • Aprill 11th: events of The Wild Ones.
  • June 15th: The 18th floor of the Empire Arms Hotel is blown up, Marty is gunned down in the hotel's parking lot, Don Clemente is killed by Joe Barbaro.
  • July 27th: Vito is woken up by Henry Tomasino and they drive to The Maltese Falcon. Scarpa gives Henry a job, to kill Leo Galante. Vito warns Galante. Galante escapes to Lost Heaven.
  • September 22nd: Henry Tomasino calls Vito and Joe to meet him at Lincoln Park. There, he persuades them into carrying out a drug deal. They go to Bruno Levine, a loan shark, to borrow $35,000. They then go to Chinatown to buy the drugs.
  • September 24th: Henry Tomasino is hacked to death in Lincoln Park by the Triads.
  • September 25th: Tommy Angelo is tracked down and killed on the front lawn of his home by Joe Barbaro and Vito Scaletta.
  • September 26th: Don Falcone is killed by Vito Scaletta. Also Joe Barbaro is presumed dead after Leone Gallente takes Vito, Joe, Pepe Costa and himself to celebrate Don Falcone's murder. Joe is driven off in a separate car and is now presumed dead.

Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven

Real World


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