aka Owen

  • I live in Los Santos
  • I was born on November 11
  • My occupation is admin on ASW bureaucrat on IAHW
  • I am male
  • Owen1983

    It was never explained.

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  • Owen1983

    I cant believe this

    December 22, 2010 by Owen1983

    looking at the Driver San Francisco Collectors Edition £60 you get the game a map and 2 exclusive vehicles and missions and there is another easter egg a 1:18 scale replica of the car from the game which is pretty neat and it looks like a Sunstar model the car is worth £120 so its a bargain

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  • Owen1983


    November 1, 2010 by Owen1983

    • April 10th: Vito is released from prison early due to his connections with Leo Galante. He, Joe and Eddie Scarpa head to the Cathouse leaving Joe and Eddie drunk. Before they all head home, they have to bury Frankie Potts who is dead in Eddie's trunk.
    • Aprill 11th: events of The Wild Ones.
    • June 15th: The 18th floor of the Empire Arms Hotel is blown up, Marty is gunned down in the hotel's parking lot, Don Clemente is killed by Joe Barbaro.
    • July 27th: Vito is woken up by Henry Tomasino and they drive to The Maltese Falcon. Scarpa gives Henry a job, to kill Leo Galante. Vito warns Galante. Galante escapes to Lost Heaven.
    • September 22nd: Henry Tomasino calls Vito and Joe to meet him at Lincoln Park. There, he persuades them into carrying out a drug…

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  • Owen1983

    Temporary Admin

    October 28, 2010 by Owen1983

    Since The Tom granted me Admin right I feel I have dedication to my new position and I really like this Wiki we have a great community and great staff which I am honored to serve with.

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  • Owen1983

    wikias new look

    October 24, 2010 by Owen1983

    after taking to The Tom I triad the new skin and Am not ashamed to say I like it as for GTW the staff there NOT the community took the decision to move and as I believe staff members started engaging in dirty tricks in what is known as the edit war which lead to the ENTIRE GTW staff being banned from all WIKIA due to abuse and i will say another thing I found some messages left at staff blogs quite rude and not very civil at all my final word


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