Hello. So if you haven't heard of this yet, appearantly Amazon, Gamestop and Best Buy already given us the option to Pre-Order the game. And accidentally they put up a release date for about two hours and later removed it. The date was (If I remember correctly) the 28th of April, 2016. Now a lot of people think this might be the legit date for the release of Mafia III, but I highly doubt that it will come so soon. I don't think we will get the game until at least June of this year, knowing that only twelve minutes of gameplay, a single trailer, and some artworks has surfaced until now. Also let's not forget that it is only a month and 24 days left (as of this day, March second, 2016) until the release. Now I don't think we would of got so little information if this is legit. Nah. I think Summer is the real time of the year we are getting the best game since Fallout 4 which was the best game since GTA V.

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