So i just deleted Hitman Absolution wich takes 14 GB and i get 19 GB i installed MAFIA II but when i try it still shows me 19 GB left and when i tryed to run it black screen pop up and shows me something is loading then crash today when i've on my computer it showed me "Blue Screen Of Death"if thats a problem here's my system DirectX 9, 1.02 GB or RAM,256 or what Video card,3.0 single core processor.Does not me alone having problems i've installed botch programs (i can't remember they names)that you can choose at the end i've tryed to install it 2 or 3 times and allways the same thing actually i still can ask the problems from my cousin he sent me the link of torrent i know you dont sent Mafia from there becuse the link is www.Linkomanija.LT .net so that's the prob'

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