• Mob Hitman29

    The game is set in late 1960's-1970's Yugoslavia. Three playable characters Joe, Joe's half Slavic cousin Nikola and Walter Steiner a German gangster from Munich (a bit of a reverse of the 1980's). After the events of Mafia II Joe escapes death and seeks refuge in Communist Yugoslavia. Here Joe finds his cousin Nikola Bruno in the region of Staragorja, the son of Joe's Sicilian uncle and a woman of both Serb and Croat ethnicity.

    • A large map set in a fictional Croatian region based upon Dalmatia and Herzegovina with two cities one based on Split and Zadar and another based on the likes of Zagreb, Belgrade or Sarajevo.
    • Fictional cars based upon real European cars of the 60's and 70's including Peugeot, Mini, Volkswagen, Alfa Romero, Fiat/Zasta‚Ķ

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