Its July now, i suffered a heavy dizzy attack, but thankfully i was recovered 4 hours ago. You know, i addicted with Mafia II, Henry is the best character and also Vito. I was shocked in mission Time Well Spent, it was the first time i was heard Vito said "No!! No!! No!!", i faintly hears a crying sound...Sounds like he loves his mother so much. There are 3 moments that i don't like, Vito's villa got burned down along with the money. Henry's dead, yet i still angry with the Chinese mafia family boss which ordered them to kill him at all costs. And you know what is the third one, so i won't tell it. I also suspicious with the fake polices that tried to steal the suitcases in mission "Sea Gift". They maybe the Chinese mafia's. This has led references that THE Chinese mafia's want to kill Vito, Joe and Henry and they didn't want the three Falcone friends are going to Hunter's. Ah yes! I like the cut-scene where they selling the money's. (Yeah, They look like a best friend came home from a huge massive party) It's really freaking funny when they Henry, Joe and Vito ( i right?) are dancing in the car.

Alright, so, i planned to conclude my own Mafia II, i always hope that the next sequel maybe came out in 2011 or 2012.

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