Its raining here, okay, i don't really mind to play Mafia II, cause i played the missions 16 times (a.k.a bored.) okay, about "not mind to play Mafia II" is just a kidding. I now ever plays COD: Black Ops, no offense taken! cause the zombies mode are amazing, Mafia II are also best because the sport cars.

There's a thing when i was play Mafia II.. When i use my Ice-white Shubert Frigate, i drive my car to Riverside (for checking the situation in the Clemente slaughterhouse), speed are reaching 80, when i was a wanted man, a police chasing me, luckily, i crash the police car near the Riverside bridge. I.STILL.HUNTED by the freaking polices. when i making my way to the slaughterhouse, suddenly, there's at least 5 polices car blocking my way, as i really believe that i can escape, i ride my Shubert Frigate with speed 80, as my car near the polices car, it crashes to them as the car flips and "CRASH!!" to the ground.

I escapes by running to Riverside, suddenly, there's a police riding his own car very fast as i said "Checkmate....!!" and then, Vito is K.I.A.

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