Guess I'll have to steal another car... Alex Cox of 2K Games has announced that Mafia II will be bringing us a true "realistic experience". This will have major impact on the game world, he says.

Alex said: "Every enemies dies after being hit with 2 shots. The player will, however, also be killed in 4 or 5 shots." - this means that those Halo 3-lovers won't be getting their hit-and-run tactic. Mafia II will get an Uncharted 2-like cover system to make up for this.

The police will also be present, and they might even arrest you for having a false plate, or when driving through a red light (too bad, GTA fans). Also, don't forget to fill up on gas... You'll need it, as cars will run out of gas when driving too long.

That's all for today!

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