Yes! Joe is getting it's own DLC. announced it today. Here's a quote from the newpost:

Joe's Adventures takes place during the middle segment in Mafia II that sees Vito heading to jail. During this time, you'll be playing as Joe while he strives to learn the truth behind Vito's detainment and the goings on and machinations of the rival Clemente family.
Joe's Adventures will boast similarly action-packed arcade gameplay to Jimmy's Vendetta and will feature new clothing, items (such as moustache and aviators!) and period music.
There's currently no price tag or release date for Joe's Adventures. There are however, five new screenshots of the DLC. See 'em in the freakin' gallery.

Nice! I rather hoped for an DLC for Joe at the end (if you know what I mean), but it's nice! Leave your comments and keep an eye on the wiki news!

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