The winners have been chosen:

Congratulations! Your Platinum badges are now in your box!

As the game is out, we need to get the guides up and running! That's why I'm giving away four Platinum Badges, worth 250 points! The wiki needs you to grow, so go for it and collect the collectible But don't forget to have fun!.

To get this exclusive badge, add as many Playboy magazines, walkthrough information and Wanted posters, Pinups. as you can - images, descriptions, names, anything is welcome!


How do I win?

The top editors of the Playboy Magazines (Mafia II), Wanted Posters, Pinups and Chapters in Mafia II pages will be awarded with these badges. Just make sure your edits are high-quality and add to the page, not just a dot or a comma.

When will the winners be announced?

The winners will be announced on Monday September 6th. The badges will be handed out the same day.

What about cheaters/boosters?

Cheaters and boosters will be disqualified from the contest.

When do I cheat/boost?

If all your edits are just adding a single word, or adding a dot or a comma. But don't worry, if it's just one of your edits it doesn't matter!

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