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    Don't get me wrong, Mafia is an exceptional game made before its time, but it does have its fair share of problems. My biggest one is the voice acting. Say what you will about Mafia II, its voice acting has more emotion than a ton of the cutscenes in Mafia. I rewatched all the cutscenes, and while there is one or two cutscenes that are well voice acted, most of the time it just sounds like the actors are rarely trying, or more specific, Tommy's voice actor. He just drones through some lines its painful, and like I said, no emotion. I guess my other big problem is that the shooting mechanics are flawed, more so than some other third person shooters. It just feels akward to aim and shoot, especially when you have to run. Course this is just …

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    Take it for what it is.

    November 12, 2010 by MEffect Fan

    Look, I do get the hate around Mafia II I.E.:

    1.The story is too short 2.Vito becomes a dick in the second half 3.They cut some missions out

    All that stuff. All I ask of you people is to accept the finished product for what it is. NO comparisons to Mafia, just what the game overall is. If you didn't like it and returned it, fine, but please don't ruin the game for people who enjoy it. Just stop looking at it from the perspective of: "It could've been this", instead try looking at the product as it is now, and all the future content for the game

    Sorry about this little rant here.

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    Wikia's change of Skin

    October 3, 2010 by MEffect Fan

    If you have not been keeping up to date on Wikia's recent announcement to change the Monaco skin (the one we are all using right now), well here is your chance to get familiar with what has been going on at the Wikia headquarters.

    Pay close attention to many of the comments, as most, if not all of them are negative.

    Please voice your own comments on this blog if you have anything to say on this matter.

    The link is here: [1]

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