It would take place in the city of New Bordeaux (Based off New Orleans) and it would be set in 2011 or some other modern setting. It would be about the decline of the Mafia in the United States and you would play as Nick Mancini, a young drug dealer and associate of the Marciano Crime Family. The Marciano Crime Family is nearly defunct with only about 20 made men left and 100 or so associates. A local district attorney decided to take down the remainder of the family's businesses and begins to prosecute the highest ranking members of the family including the boss and many made members. Nick is recruited by a made member to kill the district attorney and is offered made membership if he completes the job. Nick succeeds in killing the district attorney and is accepted as a made man into the nearly defunct Marciano Crime Family. Nick is determined to get the Marciano Crime Family back up to it's former glory. He starts by killing off local gangbangers and taking control of their gang through violence. He then makes any gang operating in the area to pay tribute to the Marciano Crime Family if they sell drugs. He does other things like recruiting women into prostitution, selling guns, setting up illegal casinos, and laundering money all with the permission of the don. He comes under the suspicion of the police and is eventually arrested and imprisoned. He escapes from prison and goes into hiding in the criminal underground of New Bordeaux and continues to operate his operations. The don dies in prison and Nick is made don of the Marciano Crime Family. As the police close in on his operations he struggles to keep the family under his control. He manages to survive several attacks from SWAT and rival gangs as the family continues to disorganize as made members and associates get arrested and imprisoned. After several more years he is again arrested and imprisoned in a life sentence. Nick continues to control the family from prison as the playable character changes from Nick to his friend Leo Mazzio who continues in sandbox mode doing side missions and activities. (There are many side missions and activities to do as it is a sandbox game.)

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