I took the suggestions from the last blog and came up with some new ideas for Mafia 3. The game takes place over a 10 year period from 1965 to 1975. The city is called Mendoza based on Miami, Florida. The story follows a young criminal starting out in a crime family that is smuggling drugs from Latin America into the United States. He works his way up from an associate performing deliveries, collecting protection money, stealing cars, ect. Gradually he is made a soldier and starts doing more dangerous crimes like hits, paying off the police, making drug deliveries, guarding business deals, and controlling rackets. In 1968 he is sent to Vietnam after being arrested for delivering drugs but still remains apart of the Mafia. In Vietnam he makes deals with Viet Cong and North Vietnamese commanders for drugs. Gradually he buys heroin and has it smuggled back to the United States and is made a Capo in 1970 when he returns back to the United States. When he returns to the United States he is given a crew and starts to control the city of Mendoza's drug trade. In 1972 he is arrested by the FBI and is only allowed to be released if he arranges a plot to kill Fidel Castro. He and a few members of his crew with the permission of the Don go to Cuba where Castro is at a hotel and he and the members of his crew unsuccessfully try to kill Castro. He barley escapes Cuba and returns back to the United States. By 1974 Mafia families from Empire Bay move into Mendoza and try to take over the drug trade. He and the Mafia family start a war with the Mafia families from Empire Bay. By 1975 most of the Mafia family has been either arrested or killed and the Mafia families from Empire Bay have taken over the drug trade in Mendoza. He leaves Mendoza and sets off for a different city before he can be arrested or killed. The remnants of the Mafia family leave Mendoza as well.

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