• Dividar97

    My Mafia 3 ideas

    August 7, 2011 by Dividar97

    Ok in the begining its shows were Mafia 2 ended vito in car blah blah blah joe goes other way probably dead bla blah blah Vito asked the old guy were are they taking joe they say the old observatory to get killed vito get angery and says that joe is his bestfriend and that he never leaves him behind.So vito jumps out of the car and one of the parked cars and drives there in time to save Joe and finds out the eddie scarpa has betrade vito and joe.Eddie shoots joe. Vito kills everybody and Eddie gets away. Joe is injured and is taken to el greco and a few days later Joe is back on his feet ad vito drives him home while there driving the camera goes up to show a view of Empire City and it says MAFIA II I. NOW THAT IS AND EPIC PROLUGE!!!! OR W…

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