• BurnleyJake

    Mafia III - My Verdict

    October 18, 2016 by BurnleyJake

    Having finished my first playthrough of the release sometime last week, I took a moment or two to sit back and appreciate what a great game Mafia III ended up being. I love the new open world, New Bordeaux is a wonderfully gorgeous setting that contains stunning things to look at. I thought the combat mechanics were spectacular, I felt as though I was an unstoppable force, and I could really feel the soldier in Lincoln Clay. The way he moves, the satisfaction I got from spraying anything and everything with my Hartmann, and hauling enemies over a table to gore my blade through their throats. Its safe to say that at the beginning of the game up until the final scene, I felt like a monster!

    I personally think the driving is impeccable, drifti…

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