Notice my changes to the pictures?

Soon this wiki will be filled with pictures, and thrown haphazardly around in the Images Category, or no category at all. I would of course, like to see the wiki prosperous, but look clean, also.

So I do encourage users to put pictures of people in the Character Images Category, same thing with vehicles, weapons, etc etc. This way, we all have a handy way of finding pictures of cars, guns and people. It looks orderly, and easy to use.

I also encourage you to name your files to describe the picture a bit. So instead of 7/21/10_04:49_fhs4ajfhs2akjf7hbsk.jpg, it could be written as omerta_airport_3.jpg. Smaller, and easier to understand.

Q: Why not put car pictures into Vehicles?

A: Becuase it seriously bogs down load time. (I'm my opinion. The wiki would probably have to decide as a community.)

Q: Will this work? What are you going off of?

A: I had to do most of this by hand.

Q: Are you high?

A: Not really.

Q: So I got a guy with a gun, infront of a car, and there is a tiny policeman in the corner. What categorydo I put it in?

A: Whatever is being emphasised.


A: Aside to that not being a question, this is simply just a reccomendation on how to keep the wikias images orderly, that's all.

Most importantly, if you are still reading this, is that I am solisiting your help, becuase that is a lot of pictures so far, and it is hard to do it alone. Really, I know.

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