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    Notice my changes to the pictures?

    Soon this wiki will be filled with pictures, and thrown haphazardly around in the Images Category, or no category at all. I would of course, like to see the wiki prosperous, but look clean, also.

    So I do encourage users to put pictures of people in the Character Images Category, same thing with vehicles, weapons, etc etc. This way, we all have a handy way of finding pictures of cars, guns and people. It looks orderly, and easy to use.

    I also encourage you to name your files to describe the picture a bit. So instead of 7/21/10_04:49_fhs4ajfhs2akjf7hbsk.jpg, it could be written as omerta_airport_3.jpg. Smaller, and easier to understand.

    Q: Why not put car pictures into Vehicles?

    A: Becuase it seriously bogs down…

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  • Big McLargeHuge

    I wrote this blog post for a few reasons:

    1. Not enough room in the comment box

    2. I have a stange compulsion to find a good way to get that 10 pts

    Now, I have not played GTA IV. I have, though, played a little bit of I and II, more of III, Finished VC and SA, so the GTA series is somthing that I am quite familiar with. Though I have seen videos of it. Ok, it was from 4PP, so it is not quite serious.

    Also, I really love games with excellent writing, stories and characters. I enjoy Valve games (HL series, Portal, etc), The Modern Warfare story arch (I thought the first one was better in the story department), and finally Mafia. All of those games have exellent writing, believeable characters, and stunning settings. But Mafia has some certain el…

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