• Am3rica

    My Mafia III Idea

    August 11, 2011 by Am3rica

    Mafia 3 take place after the end of Mafia 2 with Vito Scaletta and Joe Barbaro as the protagonists.Vito find out Joe survived the contract hit order by Leo Galante and The Commission.So Vito and Joe wants revenge on The Commission along with the Empire Bay Triads, O'Neill Gang, The Greasers, The Bombers, Leo Galante,and the rise of the Gravina crime family.So Vito and Joe form their own crime family called the Scaletta Crime Family.And started recruiting a consigliere, accountant, caporegimes, soldiers, enforcers,and associates (like Jimmy, Harry, and others) with Vito as don and Joe as the underboss.Then Vito and Joe asks Eddie(if still alive)and the remaining Falcone family for forgiveness and help.They agreed to help and forgive them ta…

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