Un Belle Jardin is a location in Mafia III.


Un Belle Jardin is a flower shop owned by Harry Robicheaux which serves as a front for a brothel known as the Plow House, a facility which encompasses most of the block the shop is located on.

Kinky VIPS

Information coming soon.

  • Captain Pennies: Rip-off artist who preys on the poor to support his sexual fetish.
  • Neighbor Phil: A "nice guy" who more than likely has six bodies stuffed into his crawlspace.
  • Brother Superior: He'll pay extra for pain, especially when it's yours.


Racket Entrances

During takeover, the racket may be entered through the following points.

Ground Level

  • Main front door on the south side of the block.
  • Alleyway on the east side of the block.
  • Back alley to the southwest.


Notable Items


  • Repent Magazine dated July 12, 1967 in one of the upstairs bedrooms.
  • Vargas Painting #32 on the wall behind the upstairs bar.
  • Vargas Painting #3 on the wall in Harry's office.





  • Un Belle Jardin is French for A Beautiful Garden.
  • Remy Duvall is featured in a radio ad for the Un Belle Jardin flower shop.
  • The name of their adult movie production company is Plow House Pictures.


  • Flower shop
  • Upper bar
  • Lower bar
  • Courtyard
  • Office
  • Upper bar
  • Plow House Pictures poster
  • Concept Art
  • Concept Art