Tutorial is the first mission in The Betrayal of Jimmy. It introduces you to the protagonist Jimmy and sets up the basic premise of the game with an opening cutscene. It then goes on to explain the scoring system used as you work through the mission.


The tutorial is quick and straightforward. After the introductory scene you will find Jimmy at Westbank Steel in North Millville. You have to kill four members of the Triads, the Chinese crime outfit based in Chinatown. Once you take them out get into the nearby Walker Rocket, upon which two vehicles with Triads will give chase. You can either stop and kill them or try to outrun them. Follow the waypoint to Sal Gravina's mansion in Highbrook and trigger the icon to watch another cut scene and complete the mission.


  • The missions in this DLC are far less scripted than those in the base Mafia II game and may differ vastly from one playthrough to the next. The number of enemy, the weapons they carry, where they take position, and whether the police get involved is all random. These walkthroughs are meant as a general guide rather than a step-by-step method.


  • This is the only mission in the DLC that can't be replayed.
  • Sal Gravina's house that you visit to end the mission belongs to Leo Galante in the main game.
  • The license plate on the Walker Rocket you're directed to drive reads JIMMY1; in your garage you should find another vehicle with the plates JIMMY2. These plates seem a rather odd choice for a man who works as a gun for hire and spends half his time being chased by police.


  • Points for killing opponents
  • Multipliers for killing opponents in quick succession
  • Clock for completing the mission
  • Mission rankings