Tutorial is a mission in Joe's Adventures.

This mission is given by Antonio Balsamo. JA Icon T
"Welcome back to civilization, buddy! When you were having your fun in the south, I took care of your apartment and other stuff. I left a car for you outside the station, so you can drive around and see what's new. Just keep a low profile. Five years is still not long enough for some people to forget what you've done. When you're done sightseeing, you can get back to work. I'm sure there are people around here who might have some interesting jobs for you."


The mission is set in 1950, five years after Witness - Frozen Memories. After returning from hiding down south, Joe arrives at Union Station and is greeted by Antonio Balsamo.


In this mission you'll be introduced to some of the arcade style scoring used throughout the DLC and some new fighting styles unique to Joe.

To start the mission activate the large icon directly ahead of you. Exit the train station where Joe will be confronted by two thugs who want him to pay a five dollar "toll." Joe answers simply, "Wrong guy, wrong day." You'll then begin the fighting tutorial with the first thug.

If you haven't already played the base Mafia II game, hand-to-hand fighting is fairly simple; just follow the on-screen prompts and you should do just fine. Once both thugs have been dealt with, get in the nearby Shubert Frigate marked by a large green arrow above it and you'll begin the driving portion of the tutorial. You can earn points while driving in missions through velocity, drifting, and vehicle kills:

  • Velocity - Driving above 75 mph.
  • Drifting - Controlled sliding/skidding around corners.
  • Vehicular kills - Killing enemy by running them over, police and civilians don't count.

From here simply follow your GPS to Joe's Apartment in Little Italy and activate the safe zone icon to end the mission.


  • The arcade style missions in Joe's Adventures have a countdown timer in the upper right of your screen. This is simply a bonus timer that awards you extra points for any time left on the clock at the end of each mission. While you do need to finish before it reaches the end, you don't have to drive like a lunatic or rush your way through most missions. With a couple of exceptions, you'll be given plenty of time to complete each mission in this DLC.


  • Points for killing opponents
  • Multipliers for killing opponents in quick succession
  • Points for driving fast
  • Clock for completing the mission
  • Joe finishing off a thug
  • Mission rankings