Trains are vehicles in the Mafia Series.


In Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven, the player can use both the elevated railway and streetcars operated by the Lost Heaven Rail Roads as a means of transportation. The elevated railway runs throughout the city on blue and white cars, while the streetcars are white with a red stripe. They have three lines in the city: one on the West Side, one on Central Island, and one on the East Side.


  • The steam locomotive in the game is a 0-10-0 resembling the MR Lickey Banker, also known as Big Bertha.

Mafia II

Information coming soon.


  • Empire Bay railroad company used to utilize the green steam engine, based off the Class A "Hiawatha", and the blue-silver diesel engine based off the EMD F7 for passenger transportation.
  • The other steam locomotive in the game is a 4-8-2 Mountain type steam locomotive that strongly resembles St. Louis–San Francisco 1522.

Joe's Adventures

The Kingston Subway Station is featured in the DLC Joe's Adventures, but subway cars or travel is not available. In the mission Connection, Joe Barbaro and Antonio Balsamo steal a train full of high grade weapons from a train yard in Port.

Mafia III

While still not usable, trains play a larger role in Mafia III. Train and streetcar tracks run throughout New Bordeaux and rail yards and Switching Stations can be seen in districts like Barclay Mills, River Row, Tickfaw Harbor, Southdowns and Bayou Fantom. Trolley tracks can be seen in Downtown and the French Ward, though no streetcars are present.


Faster, Baby!

Moving trains are added as scripted events in Sinclair Parish, and can be seen as well as jumped over in the course of the main story missions. The downtown area of Sinclair has a passenger train depot along its southern boundary.


  • Lost Heaven streetcar
  • Elevated train in Mafia
  • Down Town station
  • Winslet Avenue station
  • Train in Mafia II
  • Beta image from Mafia II
  • Train in Mafia II
  • Joe and Tony Balls stealing a train
  • Barclay Railways train engine
  • Barclay Railways
  • Railway switching station
  • Sinclair Parish train depot

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