Too Good to be True is a mission in Jimmy's Vendetta.

"Today's gonna be a real good day."

"A riot has broken out in the prison, just like you planned. It's now or never! Run like hell and you'll be out of here. Get moving!"


This is the opening mission in Jimmy's Vendetta. Here Jimmy breaks out of the Hartmann Federal Penitentiary where he was sentenced to serve 15 years after being set up by his employers in The Betrayal of Jimmy. To cover his escape he manages to orchestrate a riot; though how he did this is unknown, it's just the distraction he needed to gain his freedom. Access the mission by activating the floating golden handcuffs in the middle of the hallway in front of you. Once it begins, run through the barred door ahead and beat up the guard there. Hand-to-hand combat works just like the base Mafia II game. If you haven't played that then just follow the on-screen prompts and you should do fine.

When the first guard has had enough go through the wooden door on the left and there will be another guard to take out there. Finally head through the metal door at the end of that section and finish off the last guard. Now go into the laundry room and toward the back where a cutscene will play showing Jimmy successfully escape the prison through the sewers, make his way to the Oyster Bay safehouse, and steal an unknown man's clothing.


  • The missions in this DLC are far less scripted than those in the base Mafia II game and may differ vastly from one playthrough to the next. The number of enemy, the weapons they carry, where they take position, and whether the police get involved is all random. These walkthroughs are meant as a general guide rather than a step-by-step method.


  • This is the only mission in the DLC that can't be replayed.


  • Points for killing opponents
  • Multipliers for killing opponents in quick succession
  • Clock for completing the mission