Tomaso Moretti is a minor character in Mafia II.



Tomaso Moretti was the founder and Boss of the Moretti crime family until his assassination in 1933.

Moretti Crime Family

The Moretti crime family was founded in 1913 by Tomaso Moretti and was active in Empire Bay until his death in 1933. Like most Mafia families during Prohibition, the majority of their money came from selling bootleg liquor that they smuggled in from Canada.

Vinci-Moretti War

When illegal alcohol sales began to decrease in the early 1930s, the family's revenue quickly dried up. This lack of sustainable income caused major conflict between them and rival Vinci Crime Family, as the two groups fought over what little money making opportunities remained. This struggle for control came to be known as the Vinci-Moretti War.

Moretti Family Demise

After two years of conflict the war was brought to an end when one of Moretti's capo's, Carlo Falcone, conspired with Vinci family Consigliere Leo Galante to kill Tomaso Moretti. With the assistance of Steve Coyne, the two planted a bomb in Moretti's car, killing him instantly. With Moretti dead, Carlo Falcone took over his operations and founded the Falcone Crime Family out of what remained, bringing an end to the Moretti crime family's twenty year existence.