Tit for Tat is a mission in The Betrayal of Jimmy.

This mission is given by Tam Brodie. BJ Icon B
"Jimmy, it's Tam. Yeah, it's about Eddie Fu. How did you guess? That little cocksucker's brother has been paying the cops to shake down my boys. I just had to spend a few hours in the cells meself. I can't just let that go, now can I? Find Fu's brother and kill him."


This mission involves a pretty hefty firefight so come prepared with full health and as much ammo as you can carry.

As you approach the marker you will see the target and several Triads standing around a Smith Custom 200. It's advisable to approach from the north end of the alleyway because once you're spotted several carloads of Triads will arrive from the south and several more from the immediate area will come in on foot as well. This mission always attracts the police which makes matters even worse, as you can quickly find yourself surrounded and outnumbered, so the northern approach offers the easiest solution.

You can either kill the target and run or stay until every last one of them is dead, your choice. Either way, once you're done head to the southern end of the alleyway to the safe zone and end the mission.


  • This is the second mission in which you can get a Lassiter Series 69, a rare vehicle in this DLC. There will be two of them filled with Triads who show up when the fighting breaks out.
  • Tit for tat is an English saying meaning equivalent retaliation.