• I've noticed some discrepancies with the achievements in their descriptions. It seems Xbox uses slightly different ones from both Steam and Playstation. I haven't checked all the main game ones, but we seem to have gone with the Steam/Playstation descriptions on the few I did, it's the last two DLCs where they're off.


    • Another Brother Falls
      • Xbox - Complete "Another Brother Falls".
      • Steam/Playstation - You survived the drive into Sinclair Parish.
    • Creature of Habit
      • Xbox - Complete "Creature of Habit".
      • Steam/Playstation - You investigated the scene.

    Seeing as we went with the Steam/Playstation descriptions on the main game, I think we should follow suit with the DLCs.

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    • I've noticed that too, and I'm also thinking we should change them. I think the reason we ended up with the Xbox descriptions is the DLC achievement pages were created before the game was released, when the other ones weren't yet available.

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    • Well, the main game ones were leaked for Playstation first, so we got them from that site, while the DLCs seem to be leaking on the Xbox site first. I'll go ahead and start changing them.

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    • I finally downloaded all the Xbox achievement images and got them renamed. I'llbe uploading them here soon and adding them to the achievement pages. As far as their resolution, I think the standard ones found on the achievement site will be fine. If there are some we want to add to other pages and there's a larger version of it, we can replace them then.

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