• This is something that's crossed my mind reading this wiki a lot lately and even more so after one of my edits was touched up I think because I accidentally included a spoiler as to how Lincoln finds out that Remy Duvall owns the land the casino is being built upon.

    Should we have some sort of banner or warning for character or mission pages that contain heavy spoilers? I feel this could save a lot of trouble for those who either haven't completed one of the games yet or hasn't played any of them period and wants to learn more about them. Feel free to give me any feedback and discussion on this as you please and how you think this either could or couldn't work.

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    • By its very definition, the entire wiki is a spoiler, so no. We don't use spoiler alerts and we don't keep information off of pages because they are spoilers. You may want to read our Writing and Editing Guide before you continue editing here, it explains a lot of the basics like this.

      Also, I would ask that you not create any more talk pages, if you have questions about a specific page, ask here in the forums or on one of our message walls. Thanks.

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    • Okay, thank you for clarifying policy on spoilers and telling me what was up with talk pages ReapTheChaos. This has been a big help and I've been reading that editing guide as I contribute just to make sure I do my best to follow it. Thanks man!

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